You are attempting to go to the Secure-PGP page. Please note that once you click on the link below you are actually LEAVING the general pgp website and moving to a completely new site (the secure-pgp site). The two sites REQUIRE TWO MEMBERSHIPS (sorry to yell). If you are a member of the general pgp site (this one) you are NOT automatically a member of the Secure-PGP site. You will need to go through the [Join] process for access to the Secure-PGP site.

It appears that the folks at Wikispaces are in the process of modifying their membership request process. I believe the process below will work.
Thanks. plulai.

To Join Secure-PGP: Read first.
  1. click on this link:https://secure-pgp.wikispaces.com
    1. If you already have a wikispaces account, then sign in.
    2. If you do not have a wikispaces account, you must [create an account].
      1. you can choose your own user-name, password, and enter a valid email address (I get at most 1 email per month from wikispaces. not excessive.)
  2. Once you are signed in you should be able to enter a message. This message should include two things (DO NOT press Enter or Return before you have done both of these things):
    1. a link to your school website that shows you are a teacher within a school system (please do not send us to a site that does not include your name & email address, thanks).
    2. your work email address.

We will check to verify that you are a teacher, ask you to agree with a non-posting policy, then grant you access to downloading/uploading options. When you are ready to upload your files (labs, ppts, worksheets etc...), check out the link to the video tutorial to the left, "How to Upload."
When Joining, please use your work email address & include a link to a website that shows you are a teacher within a school system somewhere. Since the Secure-PGP site contains test questions and some solutions, we will not grant membership to those that do not prove they are teachers.

Thanks for sharing.

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