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Please post any modifications, creations or innovations you've made to physics equipment. If you've designed or manufactured your own equipment, please share these items in the appropriate space below.

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How to create a fan attachment to be used with a Vernier Dynamics Cart (or any other type of dynamics cart). This shows you how to construct a fan attachment to be used with dynamics carts to create constant force/acceleration motion. It costs about $10 depending on what materials you already have in your lab.
Created by Mike Maloney ( based on Interactive Lecture Demos by Sokoloff and Thornton.
-- Document with instruction and parts list:
-- Video of construction:
-- template for mounting to Vernier Dynamics Carts:
-- Video of trial with data collection:

How to create a cannon shooting with recoil and embedding cannon ball demo using a CPO marble launcher and dynamics cart. This modifies a CPO marble launcher to be mounted on a dynamics cart and then uses it to demonstrate a cannon fire with recoil with data collection. It also shows you how to create a catcher to catch the steel marble in an inelastic collision. You can use LoggerPro software and Motion Detectors to track the motion, and a photogate to get the shoot velocity of the marble. I have done this and got about 98% conservation of momentum.
Created by Mike Maloney (

-- Video of construction:
-- Video of data collection with LoggerPro:
-- Video of triple collision (super elastic shot, inelastic catch, elastic collision):

A simple rotational equilibrium (window washer) lab setup for use with Pasco or Vernier Force Sensors. In the past I did this lab with strings hanging from the forces sensors but the strings were annoying to get to be the correct length and the class would consist of masses falling off and banging on the table. This setup is more simple to setup, and easier for students to use.
Created by Mike Maloney (
-- Document with instructions and parts:

Attachment to do a Buoyancy demo with a Vernier Force Sensor. This uses a toggle bolt, film canister and balance to add ease and variation to a classical Buoyancy demonstration by allowing for easy setup, easy modification of density, and an to read negative hanging forces.
Created by Mike Maloney (

-- Document with instruction and parts:


Electricity and Magnetism:

Waves and Sound:


Easy way to mount lenses on a white/black board. Using small neodymium magnets, inexpensively turn you lenses/prisms/mirrors with a ray box into a demo that attaches to your white/black board so the whole class can see.
Created by Mike Maloney (
-- Document with instruction and parts:

20th Century Physics: