Here is a list of websites with some pretty nice simulations. Please add any other simulation websites that you find helpful. If you have activities, handouts, or simulation labs, please add them to the appropriate section of the pgp website. Lets keep this a page for simulations.

Sites with a variety of simulations on a variety of topics:

  • TandFTechnology - Developed by Frank J Mcculley. Fantastic physics simulations and tools for the AP and non-AP instructor!
  • Boston University-
    • Semester 1: Physlets 1. Includes motion, forces, energy, fluids, waves, thermodynamics.
    • Semester 2: Physlets 2. Includes e&m, optics, waves, & modern physics.
  • SimulationsActivPhysics Online is currently billed as being for Physics for Scientists & Engineers: A strategic approach, by Randall Knight. The textbook has some nice simulations. These often include questions. They require a bit more time for students to use, but I believe they are designed to get students from point a to point b. I believe these simulations were originally produced by Dr. Alan Van Heuvelen.
      Simulations that I learned to write during a class by Andrew Duffy at BU who created the Physlets above. Simulations are always being added. If you notice any errors in them, or would like to request a simulation to use in your class you would like me to create please let me know and I will do my best.

  • Wagner's Physics Animations: A variety of simulations that include topics from throughout the year.
  • Conceptual Learning of Science (CoLoS) Virtual Physics Laboratory.This one is also known as NTNUJAVA. This site contains a wide variety of simultions on most physics topics. <>
  • MIT's TEAL e&m simulations.
  • Tycho Sleator of NYU: 20th Century Concepts in Space, Time, and Matter. These simulations and animations convey time dilation, quantum superposition and more.
  • The University of Colorado has a great simulation site. PhET.
  • Concord has some neat simulations: This link takes you to their main entrance to the modeling museum. They have sims for physics, chemistry, biology, biotech, & nanotech.
  • The Walter-Fendt site has a variety of simulations.
  • The Surendranath.tripod website has a few simulations: <>
  • The Falstad Simulations are here:
  • Tony Mangiacapre has created a great collection of physics simulations here:
  • The cK-12 Foundation created a set of HTML5 tablet-friendly sims:
  • This Page has collected together links to physics simulation collections and simulations by category:
  • Tom Walsh of Livingston HS in NJ has shared his Geogebra simulations (about 70 of them!) at

Sites with Topic Specific Simulations.

Mechanics Only:

Sound & Waves:
  • Dr. Russell of Kettering University produced these Acoustics & Vibrations animations by Dr. Dan Russell of Kettering University.
  • The Physics of Music page at UC Irvine has a great simulation of sound traveling through air (watch the air particles).

20th Century Topics:
  • Tycho Sleator of NYU: 20th Century Concepts in Space, Time, and Matter. These simulations and animations convey time dilation, quantum superposition and more.

E&M Topics:

Simulations That Allow Some Student Creation & Modeling:

Interactive Physics Simulations for Rotation and other AP 2 subjects

Algodoo: An app and website based modeling method.


GlowScript is an easy-to-use, powerful environment for creating 3D animations and publishing them on the web. Here at, you can write and run GlowScript programs right in your browser, store them in the cloud for free, and easily share them with others.


Other links: