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Here are some links to Physics Education Research resources. Please add any you find.

University Sources:

PER in the Classroom:

  • Modeling from Mr Schober of St. Louis has several Modeling items on his websites:
  • Interactive Lecture Demonstrations:
  • CPU:
    • The Constructing Physics Understanding in a Computer-Supported Learning Environment Project* (or the CPU Project) is aimed at creating laboratory and computer-based materials that support a learning environment in which students take primary responsibility for developing a valid and robust knowledge about physics.
  • WorkShop Physics:
    • Workshop Physics is one component of the Activity Based Physics Suite. It is a calculus-based introductory physics curriculum designed to completely replace traditional lectures and laboratories. In a typical two-hour Workshop Physics class session, students use equipment and computer tools for data acquisition, visualization, analysis, and mathematical modeling
  • C3P: Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics
    • Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics (C3P) offers an integrated approach to physics content, instructional materials, and pedagogy. C3P is a research-based curriculum developed at the Department of Physics at the University of Dallas. The project is available on a single CD-ROM that includes both the curriculum and resource materials. Other physics projects such as Conceptual Physics, PRISMS, CASTLE, Operation Physics, Tools for Scientific Thinking, Physics: Cinema Classics, and The Mechanical Universe High School Adaptation have been utilized in the development of this curriculum. Although C3P was designed for students in grades 9 through 12, it contains an assortment of resources, making it flexible enough to accommodate a variety of teachers and students.
  • Ranking Task in Physics. by Thomas O'Kuma, M. Maloney, and C. Hieggelke. Student Edition ISBN 0-13-144851-X. Here is how Bill Taylor plans to use it in class (but please let's see some other ideas!)