APP1 Kinematics

Motion in 1 Dimension:

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Maze Game: A Velocity & Acceleration Comparison
Ashley Webb

I use this as an inquiry, homework activity before we really delve into a deep comparison of velocity & acceleration in class. Students have already read through a text and taken notes on the 2 concepts but no discussion has taken place in class. This activity allows them to recognize discrepancies in their own thought concerning acceleration that we will talk through in class the next day.

Orienteering Lab Activity: Adding Vectors
Stuart Safford

This is a version of an orienteering compass game that I modified to help teach vectors. It is quick to set up. All you need is a 100 foot rope with knots every 5 feet staked out west to east in a field. It takes students through graphical vector addition as well as addition using components as well as giving students a kinesthetic understanding of what vectors are. Here is an excel file that I use to quickly evaluate student graphs.

AP Phys 1 Style AP Lab question using 2006 version b #1 as the basis.

Reverse Motion Questions
Noah Segal

This worksheet is inspired by NTIPERS and the "Physics Jeopardy" questions developed by Van Heuvelen and Etkina. Either a motion graph or equation is provided. Students brainstorm scenarios for which the provided representation would apply and fill out the other representations. I use it in my AP C Mechanics class, but it requires no calculus.