• The University of Minnesota Physics Department:
    • Includes both algebra-based & calc-based inquiry/problem solving labs and their lab appendices.
    • Links from this site also include:
      • problem solving methods that help students actually learn physics as opposed to equation hunting.
      • A list of good cooperative group problems & how to make/judge cooperative group problems.
  • Rutgers University Physics Department.
    • A great site that includes problem solving labs, science skills, and more. Design experiments are great problem-solving labs.

St. Lawrence University’s** Physics Department site includes multiple sections:
  • Clemson University Physics Department.
    • A good site that includes links to labs for a wide-array of topics for both algebra-based and calculus-based courses

Exploratorium** - an excellent site, though not a University. Appropriate for first-year students that need hands-on activities. Can also be made by the students for Extra Credit. http://www.exploratorium.edu/snacks/ Posted by bill Taylor bt4_1284@yahoo.com