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JPEG: Graph of Hurricane as Adiabatic Heating

“Dumbot” engine
  1. David Derbes
  2. Handout, calculation

Thermo & Making Ice Cream: A link to a lab that was mentioned in an AP Physics electronic discussion group posting.

Thermodynamics Notes: Wayne Mullins divided this into two sections. Here are Part 1 & Part 2. Comments by Bill Taylor.doc 12/08. Wayne's (now somewhat old) notes can be accessed at

Thermo Materials:
  • Materials from U Sydney. Include lecture notes & class possiblities
Marc Reif's activity to help students understand PV diagrams using a simulation.
external image msword.png 02a_B_U11_Lab20_Virtgaslaw.doc

Stearic Acid Freezing Point Lab by Dan Burns

2001 Airlock Entry Analysis: Powerpoint slides analyzing the scene from the movie where Dave Bowman is locked out of the Jupiter by HAL and enters through an airlock in a near vacuum. Download both the clip and the slides. I also included a handout on the isothermal assumption. Please send me any comments: