This page lists video clips useful for teaching physics.

Physics Pre-Lecture Videos:

HippoCampus has a lot of physics video topics. Some have questions built in to the video.

APlusPhysics has video mini-lectures covering entire physics courses. Also available on the APlusPhysics YouTube Channel and, if you have a Roku box for your television, the APlusPhysics Roku Channel.

Physics Video Database on the APlusPhysics Community. More than 500 physics videos, organized by topic, and growing. Please feel free to submit more!

Khan Academy:

MIT has some video lectures presented by a variety of folks:

Direct Measurement Videos: Direct Measurement Videos are short, high-quality videos of real events that allow students to easily explore, measure, and predict physical phenomena. I use them as formative inquiry activities and then summative exercises towards the end of the unit.

Colliding Particles - Hunting the Higgs This is a new (2009) collection of videos describing the process of science by showcasing the work of three physicists. Has great teacher resources, including student activities, power points and downloadable videos.

Science 360 This is a collection of videos ranging topics from RFID tagging to NASCAR. Sorted by topic. In particular, I like the interview with Professor Muller at UCB about his Physics for Presidents course, and why it is important for our leaders to understand physics.

Science With Mr. Noon YouTube 10 minute clipsand full lectures on Yahoo! Video These clips show classroom physics activities, Fermilab lectures on Modern Physics, and behind the scenes tours of Fermilab particle physics experiments.

PBS's Nova Episode Magnetic Storm:
Great 60 minute episode! Download questions to guide students at link below (credit unknown).

Falling Meter Stick with Pennies on top in Slo-mo:
This clip shot with a Casio EX-F1 shows that the end of the meter stick has an acceleration greater than g (1.5g) and that at about the 67 cm point, the acceleration is equal to g. Shot by Dan Burns with the help of Rebecca Nixon.

  • Physics for Future Presidents. This course offered at UC Berkley is for non-physics majors. It examines a number of topics from nuclear physics to the physics of stealth that all relate to current topics. There is a popular book written by the professor and all of the lectures are posted here. If you click on Show More, you can even download the videos. Physics for Future Presidents