Radioactive Half Life
  1. Author: Bryant Hayes
  2. Lab Type: Dice Simulation of Half-lives

Atomic Spectra - I found a similar lab online and modified it to meet our classroom. If you have a spectroscope and a couple gas tubes it is pretty straight forward. Submitted by: Mark W. Hossler,

Nuclear Physics - Modern Physics 2: Notes from Wayne Mullins. Wayne's (now somewhat old) notes can be accessed at

Half Like with Barium Isotope Generator - Activity where students measure the half life of metastable Barium - 137. Requires a Geiger counter that can measure gamma ray counts - Dan Burns

Half Like with 1 centimeter cubes - Activity where students model half life with 1 cm cubes that have a dot on 1 side. Cubes are sold as elementary school volume manipulative like these: - Dan Burns