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1. My Solar System Activities - This is a set of activities written for the Phet Simulation called My Solar System:

The link to this simulation is here:

The activities are intended for use In AP Physics Mechanics C and undergraduate physics. The circular orbit activities are appropriate for AP 1 and honors physics. It has circular and elliptical orbits, escape velocity, energy, momentum, and angular momentum of an orbit, and binary orbits. Please email me any errors or issues you find or if you would like a key.

Dan Burns

2. Plotting the orbits of Mars and Mercury

This is an adaptation of the HPP Lab on the Orbit of Mars. It contains the data from the books for Mars and Mercury and very slim directions on what to do. Ken Fox

3. Humorous Video about Gravity - St. Mary's H.S. Physics - Tony Mangiacapre -

4. Gravity Inside a Planet and tunnel through a planet Powerpoint slides: I used these slides to make a screencast about this Mechanics C topic that can be found here:
Feel free to modify to suit your needs. Please let me know if you find any errors. Dan Burns -

AP Physics 1 Gravity Problem Set - Problem set built by Bob Enck, Dan Fullerton and Paul Sedita in an effort to start an AP-1 style problem bank. Feel free to print/use in your classrooms. Please don't re-post the files themselves, but rather only the links to the files, to allow us to quickly and easy update and continue to build upon these problems. Thank you! -- Dan Fullerton ( PS - anyone interested in adding on to these problems, we'd love the help!

Light Intensity Lab - Valerie Risk
Students use their phone flashlight shining through a Dixie cup with a grid of push-pin holes in the bottom, to graph light data that follows a 1/r^2 law. We use it as an intro to Fields. Measure distances from the light source, not from the end of the dixie cup.