1. Here are the new and old information sheet and equation sheets (2008, 2010, and 2015) for the AP Physics Courses:
2. Lecture Notes for Uncertainty

3. Bill Elli's Summary of Learning Objectives for AP-B

4. Spherical coordinate problem 9/10/07:

5. Historical AP Physics B questions sorted by topic- B Content Outline w Problems 07.doc
6. Historical AP Physics C- C ContentOutlinewprobs 2007.doc

7. Bree Barnett's Review Suggestions.

8. Why Take High School Physics? From Tom Rogers.

9. Lab Notebook Grading Rubrics: plulai.

10. Jeopardy games for AP-C and AP-B. Posted by Brendan Crowley

11. Historical data from 1988, 1993, and 1998 exams, for both Physics B and C-Mechanics--Gardner Friedlander

12. Teaching Calculus for AP-C.

13. Christmas Activities - Physics of the Grinch (26 min) and Penguins of Madagascar (10 min) posted by Kristin Michalski
14. Help Kids Read Physics. Created by Leslie Potter, modified and posted by Bill Taylor.
  • This is a form with instructions for getting kids to read the textbook and think about what they read by having them find the main ideas, describe the purpose of figures, summarize sections, etc.

15. Textbook Pre-Reading Guides. Created by Judy Adler

16. APPC Mechanics Equation Review Quizzes/Worksheets. Created by Marc Reif
17. AP Physics Free Response Directions. Contributed by Frank Noschese
  • On the AP Physics Exams the words “justify,” “explain,” “calculate,” “what is,” “determine,” “derive,” “sketch,” and “plot” have precise meanings. I created a handout for students that outlines what the Exam Readers expect for each.

18. AP Physics review flash cards. Created by Mike Sorola
  • I created these for my kids to study with this year. It is a .doc file that is made to be printed off double sided, preferably on cardstock, but regular paper works. The first page is a set of prompts, the page after that is the answers. I had to manually copy them to get them to line up perfectly, then you can cut them into individual flash cards.

19. Scientist Valentines. Created by Dean Baird

20. Physics/Chemistry Crossword Puzzle
21. AP mechanics Lab write up rubric

22. AP Mech C Lab Based Questions Slides - I discuss approaches to lab-based AP Mech C free response questions as a review before the AP test.