Calculus Materials for students taking AP Physics C courses.

Moved by O'Neil 7/6/18 - The Calculus Lab provided by David Green.
The Calculus Primer provided by David Green.

Calculus Powerpoint slides from AP Workshop - Dan Burns, Slides show all the derivative and integral relationships for Mechanics C, an example of solving for v(t) with a velocity dependent force, deriving x(t) and the period equation for SHM, and a few ways to bypass the use of calculus.

Velocity dependent forces resources - Two handouts that I received (from Gardner?[nope: GF]) that go over examples of how to solve this type of problem - Dan Burns

Differential Equation Introduction An alternate way to look at velocity dependant forces (read: fluid resistance). Can be broken into sections and only hand out relevant pieces - Paul Beeken

My (Scott Secrest) YouTube Video showing how to use Separation of Variables for Air Resistance.

Another YouTube Video showing how to solve generic separation of variable problems (I use before doing air resistance in Mechanics or RC Circuits in E&M).

Video walk through of the standard air resistance / terminal velocity situation.

Velocity dependent forces (student worksheet) - Worked example from past APC exam with annotations, and two problems to be worked by students. From Joe Morin.

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Calculus Tutorial by Mike Gearen.

Calculus Primer for AP Physics C: Mechanics (excerpt from The AP Physics C Companion: Mechanics), available here with permission. Feel free to print and distribute to students, though I would ask that you not distribute or place the electronic file anywhere else on the Internet.