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  • Secure Questions with an attempt to keep them offline and out of students' Web searches can be found on the secure-PGP site

AP Physics-style practice problems from the New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

AP Exam Review (student self-assess)

The following documents were written by AP Physics teacher Derek Wells for student self-assessment (as opposed to the secure files on Secure-pgp, which are for teachers assessing students). You may freely distribute them for student use, post them to your web site, etc.. Do not assume that students can not get answers and scoring guides even if you do not provide those pages.
AP Physics 1--
AP Physics 2--

Regents Physics Question Database

I have taken images of all New York State Regents Physics Questions (1016) from June 2002 to June 2014, and saved each question as an image (.gif). I have written an Excel file with a lot of VBA programming that allows students to practice with these categorized questions. Student progress is tracked. It also allows teachers to categorize the questions to their liking.

Video Overview:

There is also a button to export the questions and categorizations to a text file that can be imported as a .GIFT format to Moodle (at least as of Moodle 1.9).
There is a button to export selected questions to a new Excel file as images.
There is a button to export the Wizard Numbers to an Excel file, which can be copied and pasted directly into . (I am not affiliated with Wizard).

Old Instructions for importing to Moodle.
Please follow the Instructions in the zip file below to make these questions work in your moodle course.
The zip folder of question images, and the .txt file necessary to make it all work in moodle is located here:
RegentsQuestionsI (Updated 2002-2015) To use the questions in Moodle, you will need to read the instructions file.
I have since streamlined the process a bit. Adding a Moodle Export Button to the Excel file above. Questions are actually images that must be hosted somewhere. For the time being, I have them hosted at, but ideally would would host the images somewhere public and under your control. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, but would like to, feel free to email me. (email address in Excel File).

~ Dan Hosey

Sample file showing how to have multiple grades for the same assignment:

Free Interactive self assessing flash based randomized question banks of over 1000 New York State Regent's Physics questions categorized by unit are available at:

Regents Physics Questions by Topic Ready to Print

Worksheets with questions neatly organized by topic from more than 17 past New York State Regents Physics examinations, in PDF format ready to print out on demand.

Regents Physics Questions in Online Quiz Format
Interactive Quizzes (unit quizzes are 10 questions each, mechanics and course review quizzes are 20 questions each.) Each time the quiz is loaded questions on each topic are pulled from a bank of 700+ questions.