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Transferring Files from old-PGP to New PGP

Windows To Have Open:
  1. http://www.mrhosey.com/pgp PGP Activity Sharing form
  2. http://prettygoodphysics.wikispaces.com Source of PGP files

Quick Overview:
  1. Go to a page on http://prettygoodphysics.wikispaces.com select a content area, and choose a file to practice on.
  2. Sign In to the old pgp site.
  3. Click on [Edit]
  4. We will mark the page to make it obvious to folks that we are moving those files.
    1. Go to the line before the file you will transfer. Type in your name and that you are moving the file.
    2. Ex: Paul Lulai - Transferring these files 06-03
    3. Highlight the text around the files that you plan to transfer.
    4. Click on the T pallette.
    5. Change the color of the text to red so it is obvious that this is different from the standard materials.
    6. Apply changes.
  5. Download the file to your computer.
  6. Go to the PGP Activity Sharing form at http://www.mrhosey.com/pgp
  7. Follow the prompts to upload the file. You can skip the percent uploaded for now.
  8. We can only do one file at a time.

Hey folks.

I am Paul. I started this website some time ago.
You might have seen that wikispaces is shutting down. Bummer. I plan to move the site and all resources housed within it to another location. I am investigating options right now. There are a lot of options, but I want to make sure a few things work. My major concerns:
1- Keep it free.
2- allow access to members
3- keep exams & test questions restricted from non-teachers
4- Uploaded files cannot be edited or deleted from / on the site.

I think we will get there. It is a matter of timing. I'm a full time teacher (4 preps this year), I have two daughters (13 & 15), and I do some consulting on the side. That keeps me fairly busy.

I have already exported / downloaded the website and its content. It will be available in some for or another. It just might not be too pretty right after wikispaces shuts down. Hopefully it will all be available and clean by the end of this coming summer.
Have a good one.

Get Stuff: You do not need to be a member to download labs! If you are looking around for some good labs to use or to tweak, check the category links on the left. Items have been put here for physics teachers, by physics teachers, and range from first-year high school physics to AP material. The emphasis is on labs, but explanatory material is also available. The University sources on the bottom will direct you to even more great material.

Share Stuff: You do need to be a member to upload a file. If you have something, SHARE IT!

To Become a Member: Note that the process for joining this page has changed.
  1. Please Click on the link in the UPPER RIGHT [Join this Wiki]. Then there are two options:
    1. If you are new to wikispaces, click on the text "New to Wikispaces".
      1. Here you can create a username, password, and enter your WORK EMAIL address.
      2. The screen changes and allows you to enter a message that Must include
        1. a link to your school website that shows you are a teacher within a school system (please do not send us to a site that does not include your name & email address, thanks).
        2. your work email address.
    2. If you already have a wikispaces account:
      1. sign in to wikispaces.
      2. click on the link in the Upper Left [Join this Wiki]
      3. Enter a message that must include two things:
        1. a link to your school website that shows you are a teacher within a school system (please do not send us to a site that does not include your name & email address, thanks).
        2. your work email address.

We will check to verify that you are a teacher, then grant you access to uploading options. When you are ready to upload your files (labs, ppts, worksheets etc...), check out the link to the video tutorial to the left, "How to Upload."

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun teaching physics!

Have a good one.